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Personalized Therapeutic Exercise & Restorative Body Work



Providing 25 years of specialized personal training, rehabilitative therapeutic exercise, and hands on bodywork for:









The Philosophy


The Blissforia philosophy is simple...EVERYTHING is all about YOU.  

As a Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Alison only has one goal in mind – to design an individualized program to help you address your specific needs and achieve your goals. Her passionate, unique approach of blending therapeutic modalities with functional fitness exercises addresses the whole person – body, soul and spirit. She designs each session with the ultimate goal of empowering, improving, and educating her clients about their own body, so they can embrace wellness and live a more vibrant, healthy life.


Alison is a neat lady and exceptional motivator.  She is creative in developing effective workouts for physically challenged athletes.  After a session, I feel my body is strong and my mind is peaceful.  ​

- Ethan Estey

- Marilyn Swimmer

I trained with Alison in my home 3 days a week for over 13 years. In our sessions, Alison not only helped me strengthen my body, which has many problems including RA and Osteo Arthritis, joint replacement surgeries and various arthritis-related injuries, she used her knowledge of therapeutic touch to address my chronic pain. With Alison's experience and caring I have the ability to perform many physical moves that the average person cannot perform. Alison is a very loving, knowledgeable and talented person and I highly recommend her as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.

"I am still utterly amazed that I found Alison when I did. Being a personal trainer myself, I had been searching for quite some time for someone with the right expertise who could help me with my back injuries which were keeping me from doing all the things I love to do. The very first class I took of Alison's showed me the knowledge she has, the form she sticks to, and the passion she has for helping others. She was exactly the trainer I had been looking for (Thank you Lord)!! I am just like my clients in that I like to be pushed more than I can push myself. Working out with her on a weekly basis has me doing almost all the things my injuries had robbed me of! I am still a work in progress and plan on staying with her for as long as she will have me.  I will say every workout she has me a little more enamored with her than the time before. Thank you Alison for caring about me and making sure I am the best me I can be!!" 

- Rebecca

"Alison Stellner and I go way back.... I first met her through teaching her daughter dance in Charlotte, NC back in 2000. Not only was her daughter talented, we discovered Alison’s abundant knowledge in the health and fitness industry. She became our personal trainer, friend and confidante, as well as our dancers who she conditioned with Pilates, yoga and strength training. She is the Stellar of Stellner, with a plethora of acronyms to follow that name. We lost touch briefly while I went thru a transitional period then we reconnected after I lost my husband. During my turbulent season, I became overweight and in a lot of pain. She came to my house and worked with me gently but aggressive enough to make a difference. She brought me back to life utilizing assisted yoga, Pilates and stress relieving massage. We partnered up at a new location for the dance studio in 2014, where she and her amazing husband Kevin, created Blissforia. She taught group classes, personal training and did amazing reflexology massages. Our time with them on this business venture was brief because her amazing hubby took her to Houston. She is a devine soul, I love her and miss her dearly."

- Cindy Kieffer, Owner of Visions Dance Academy.


"I first met Alison about six months ago when a mutual friend introduced us. She has been coming to my home twice a week ever since, not only working with me but a small group of friends as well. She focuses on stretching, basic yoga, Pilates and hands-on massage and relaxation techniques. I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience with her but mainly would like prospective clients to know how intuitive she is...she can walk into my home on any given day and know exactly what each of us needs. She has done wonders for my anxiety not to mention, my core, balance and agility. I value her expertise and her friendship." 

- Debbie


Alison Stellner, owner and creator of Blissforia, comes to this exciting new venture with a lifelong passion and commitment to helping others achieve their health & fitness goals. As an orthopedic exercise specialist, personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 30 years - Alison has developed a specific & unique approach towards exercise which addresses the whole person - body, soul and spirit. Her hands-on, therapeutic approach helped her clients to tune-in to their individual needs while she encourages her students to enter into a place of awareness, calm and empowerment.


Certifications and recognitions include Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, ACE national certified instructor, Trigger Point/Myofascial Compression certified, Certificate in Reflexology, National YMCA, National Spine Institute, Step Reebok, Zumba Fitness, Pilates Mat and many others.  


Outside of her practice, Alison is passionate about song writing, freelance writing for various online publishers, jigsaw puzzles, Texas Hold Em poker, and spending precious time with her husband, adult kids and beloved family and friends.

Client Testimonials
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The following articles are just a small sampling of the writing Alison has created for companies like Livestrong and eHow.

Compression stretching is a form of exercise therapy that combines pressure and massage techniques with assisted manipulated stretches. This particular technique is frequently used by physical therapists and massage therapists, to enhance joint range of motion and warm up muscle tissue as a kind of pre-stretch.....

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Available for Small Group or One on One sessions. 


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